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New For This Season:


- Brand new models

- New performance models available

- Dozens of units in the fleet

Brand new fast Yamaha jet boat - 19 ft:

- very fast

5 pontoon boats:

- fits 8+ people

- great for families and leisure

Deck boats and bow-riders:

- fit 5+ people

- similar to pontoons

Located on Lake Erie, Waveline is a premium watercraft rental company with Ontario's largest fleet of Sea-Doos, Sea-Doo boats and pontoon boats. This year we have over 25 Sea-Doos in our fleet! Ask about our new performance models for a true adrenaline rush!

Here at Waveline, we only have the best jet ski brand: Bombardier Sea-Doos. Rentals are available in different durations, starting at half hour rentals, to daily rentals. All rentals include safety training and a temporary boaters license. All you need is a valid piece of government-issued ID.

To learn more about how we work, check out our frequently asked questions page.


Find us at either of our 2 locations: 236 Ordnance Ave, Turkey Point, ON and 13 Harbour St, Port Dover, ON.

We accept Visa Debit, Mastercard, American Express, Interac, debit and cash. No Visa Credit. For deposit: cash and debit only.

Waveline Sea-Doo Rentals



We are a boat rental company located at Turkey Point, Ontario. If you live in Ontario, Canada and find yourself searching for “boat rentals nears me” very often, today is your lucky day. We, at Waveline Sea-Doo Rentals, are here to satisfy all your water-sport needs at affordable prices. You will not regret renting our boats and jet skis as we strive to provide you fun with safety. In case you have any safety concerns, we have detailed videos on our website under “Safety Training”.

Safety Training

It is vital to have some prior knowledge of operating a jet ski. We have made detailed videos showcasing what guidelines you need to follow. These include:

  • Wearing a lifejacket at all times during the ride.

  • If you wish to not wear a lifejacket, before departing, please make sure you know where it is located in case an emergency arises.

  • Make sure you know where the safety tools are i.e. fire extinguisher, paddle, flare gun, whistle etc. All of these items will help you if you are ever in any sort of emergency.

  • You should know all the controls needed to operate the boat. This includes knowing how to make the boat move forward and give throttle without overheating the engine. Overheating the engine will result in you losing your deposit.

  • There is a danger warning printed on the jet ski. It is recommended that you give it a read before starting the Sea-Doo Jet Ski.

All of these training instructions are given in extensive detail in our videos. We even have a video for first timers as we understand your jitters. Our boats are the best and are available at the cheapest prices if you are searching for boat rentals in Ontario.


Now that it’s off-season, you can enjoy slashed prices. We are offering 50 percent off our normal prices, therefore rush on over to Waveline Sea-Doo Rentals. Here you can enjoy our 2 seater Sea-Doo which is one of the fastest watercrafts on Lake Eerie. It tops out 50 miles an hour, making it fast and fun. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the experience at a discounted rate!

On Weekdays

Our pontoon boats are required to be rented for a minimum of 2 hours. Daily rental prices can be availed on the weekdays, but they can’t be negotiated on the weekends.

On Weekends

Jet skis must be rented for a minimum of 2 hours. However, pontoons have a minimum time limit of 4 hours on weekends.

Discounted Prices

If you’re looking for discounted prices, now is the time! Our off-season prices are generally introduced after Labor Day and before Victoria Day. The weather might be colder but we roll out great discounts during this time. As such, the fun never stops at Waveline!

Boats Offered

The types of boats we offer are:

  • Pontoon boats

  • Sea-Doo Jet Boats

  • Sea-Doo (two seater)

Pontoon Boat

Our pontoon boat is great for a small gathering. It is safe and adjustable according to the skill set of the driver. These boats are fun whether you are just a beginner or a skilled professional. Pontoon Boats are sleek and flat. The tube design allows the builders to put horsepower on the stern. On the weekend, we charge 200$/hour while on the weekdays we charge 150$/hour. During the off-season, we give back and charge $125/hour. We only want you to enjoy your time on the water. Customer satisfaction is key for us at Waveline.

Sea-Doo Jet Boats

Our smooth and unique boats are pleasing to the eyes. The immaculate boat can withstand the weight of 6 people. On the weekend, the price is 250$/hour while the price is $200/hour during the week. 

Sea-Doo (Jet-Ski)

Our 2-seater jet ski is great for two people looking to have a great time. You can have enjoy this time at a great price as well. The prices we charge are nominal. On the weekend, we charge 150$/hour. The weekday price is $125/hour. The off-season prices are as low as $89/hr.

Security Deposit 

The security deposit depends on the machine. The machines do differ in sizes and engines. Most units require $1000. However, this price can vary if you have a boater’s license. We will charge $500 or even less if you have a boater license.

Choose us

Attention to safety is one of the topmost values we hold dear. In addition to this, we all are making sure that we follow all the Covid-19 precautions. We hope you follow the rules set forward by the government. Our boats accommodate around 8 people, but this can differ according to the precautions. Therefore, it's best to give us a call before you book a boat. We will help in doing everything in our power to make your trip with us enjoyable. If you want jet skiing fun, at Waveline, we are here to please. Not to forget, we offer all these services at affordable prices.


The age limit at Waveline for drivers is 18 years. The driver must have a government-issued ID card. Furthermore, you have to make our security deposit. Even though the drivers must be above 18 years, the riders can be of any age. We do accept debit and credit cards, but cash is preferable. We would recommend that you bring cash along with you just in case the network is down. If you are looking for ski rentals and a fun time, look no further as we are here to help. We would love for you to visit us!


If you are looking for a boat rentals or ski rentals near you, we are pleased to announce that we are still operating under all the Covid-19 restrictions. We hope you join us for a lovely water-sports experience. Our machines are not only functional but also have all of the latest technology. At Waveline, we constantly work towards improving our customer experience. We hope you will be able to give us suggestions to improve our service. See you at Waveline Sea-Doo Rentals!

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